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FosterPro is an easy-to-use program designd to help Foster Family Agencies do their important work. By greatly reducing paperwork, FosterPro allows agency workers to focus on what really matters:  helping children and families in need. 

FosterPro has been in continuous use at agencies since 1995, and currently services programs all over the United States, tracking anywhere from 20 children to over 600 children in place. It’s in use at agencies in California; Nevada; Florida; Pennsylvania; Washington, D.C.; Arkansas; Oklahoma; and Montana.

FosterPro comes network-ready, or can be run on a single workstation, and is compatible with all versions of Windows. Many of FosterPro users are multiple-site agencies. FosterPro can generate more than 140 reports describing all aspects of agency functions, and includes the ability to track information on:

  • Children in Place
    • Intake
    • Summary
    • Biological Family
    • Education
    • Medical
  • Foster Parents
    • Recruiting
    • Certification Process
    • Recertification
    • In-service Training
  • Agency Workers
  • County Workers
  • The Adoption Process
  • Resource Directory
  • Special Incident Reports
  • Client Case Notes

FosterPro is priced to be affordable for most agencies,
at a current cost of $3,500, with an annual renewal of $350.

To order, call 818-780-5472
Or email fosterpro@datapro.la

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